Worn out

19 Jun

Our church is running a sports and arts camp this week in a local housing project and so for the past four days Dawn and I have been teaching kids ages 5-13 how to play volleyball. Each day upon returning home I have without fail immediately taken a nap. Today was no different as we press on towards the end of the week with only one more full day to go. Saturday we are throwing a party at lunchtime in hopes of meeting some of the parents as well as getting some other church members down there to interact with the community.

Right now I am laughing about how worn out I get by all of this. The people who staff the community center we are working out of do this year round and I doubt need naps every single day. I think it’s remarkable how they dedicate their lives to these children and I believe really do help to make a difference. 

My hope as the week ends is that we have played some small part in blessing all of these kids. It’s fun to watch as the week goes on how the most difficult ones have become the ones hanging all over the adult volunteers, physically begging for their love. My other hope is that through spending time with these kids, our hearts are changing. I understand the call to care for these children but find that my heart simply has many other interests that usually win out. After this week, as I think about getting back to my real job on Monday, I believe that there may be a place for Dawn and myself to continue to offer ourselves to this amazing community. And in the end, I believe in doing so we are getting to know the heart of God just a little more. 


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