Have you ever?

22 Jun

Seen someone pee on someone else? With both parties agreeing to it? I had not when I woke up this morning. 

Went to church this morning then went boating with two good friends and a couple of their friends from back in the day. Some wake-boarding, some wake-skating, me riding in a great boat and enjoying a beautiful day. Eventually one guy got hit pretty hard by a couple of jellyfish when he went down. Hit hard, like his skin was getting nasty and almost blistering after about five minutes. Then it got better.

Another guy starts talking about how pee would take away the sting. We all laughed some but then they kept talking about it because this guy was really in some pain. Eventually they stood on the back of the boat and guy one straight up peed on guy two, right where his arm was really messed up. Hilarious. And then his arm actually got better! Swelling went down and pain decreased dramatically.

Glad I woke up this morning. 


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