23 Jun

– Finished The Mediterranean Caper by Clive Cussler today over lunch, about the seventh or eighth book I have read by him. Great mystery novels usually involving underwater ocean recovery work by a character named Dirk Pitt. He’s very much a renaissance man, amazing diver, loves fantastic cars, great with the ladies. Highly recommended for good beach reading this summer when you want to zone out and enjoy a great story. 

– Doing tons of laundry recently. Dawn and I both worked downtown with our church last week doing this sports camp which led to lots of sweating clothes. Combine that with a boat trip yesterday (towels, swimsuits) and a visit from my brother and his buddy Rod (again, towels) and our washing machine is screaming for a break. 

– Most random phone call of my life today. Local number, guy didn’t want to give his name but wanted to speak with a chaplain from ODU. Technically I am one though I’m still curious who gave him my phone number. Opened with the fact that his marriage was in trouble and he was hoping to talk with someone about it. So I got the privilege of sitting in the parking lot at Kroger for a half hour listening to this guy share about some pretty hard things. He wanted some advice and just another perspective so I tried my best. Very humbling to have the chance to offer myself to someone in a tough spot. For once I’m glad my phone number was given out. 


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