Great Weekend Part 1

30 Jun

Friday morning my dad came down this way to test out our new kayaks. We had an excellent little paddle out in Suffolk at Bennett’s Creek, one of our more local waterways. Amazing how quiet everything is out on the water, riding along past houses and barns. Nice to be out of the busier side of life; there was no television, no computers, and no loud people next to us, say in a restaurant. My dad and I got to be on the water together just talking and enjoying the scenery. Couldn’t ask for a better way to start the weekend. We reentered the rest of the world in time to do a little camera shopping for him and grab some Mexican food together though I still think our waiter wished we had not come. We seemed to be getting in his way.

That evening the weekend continued when our friends showed up at our place and we all headed down to my mom’s. Arrived a little later and went to bed pretty soon but the next morning we hit the water and did some kayaking. Dawn and I were able to test out what we heard about being able to stand up in our kayaks. Complete success. We then promptly jumped off into the lake to cool off. 

Boats survived the ride well on top of the car, imagine I’m getting the hang of that. Cleaning them and putting them away when you get home is not loads of fun but I imagine it goes with the territory. I’ve included a few pictures below, the first of my dad in one of our boats, the second of the girls down at my mom’s, and the third of me showing off my camera skills. 


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