Christmas Continues

21 Dec

We spent the weekend at the lake where my mom and Jim live, family came in and we had our own little Christmas celebration. Great food and alot of good times. Fun watching Dawn teach my nephew how to shoot pool a little better. Awesome to see him and my niece growing up some. 

The four of us sat together at the kids table Saturday night around my mom’s award winning lasagna and out of nowhere Caleb said “It’s sad that some people hate Jewish people because they killed Jesus.” He’s wicked smart and part of me wanted to dive deeper into this comment but decided that might be too much for his little sister. Instead we had a good little dialogue about how silly it is to hate any group of people, they both seemed to really seemed to understand that well. 

After that conversation ran its course, Dawn talked with him and his little sister some about alcohol and how to enjoy it responsibly. The adults were having some wine and one of the kids mentioned it which gave Dawn a good chance to try to explain some. 

Love their curious minds and the chance to be in their lives. Yeah for Christmas once again.


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