1 Jun

Very full and slightly tired but in good spirits. One day into this class and it’s already kicking our butts all over the place. I just read an awesome book and Dawn and I decided to check out this week-long extravaganza. I had no clue every other person in our course would be actively involved in righting injustice on a global scale!

Plenty of chances to learn which is why we came. Also for the few purchases I plan to make from the Duke bookstore tomorrow:) But we just finished a great dinner (including four IV vice presidents) here at Jimmy and Betsy’s house and so now my stomach and mind are full to the brim.

Ready for bed a little early tonight:)


One Response to “Stuffed”

  1. Kristen June 4, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    just dropping a comment to give props to the descriptive nature of that 1st paragraph. You’re really making your way up!

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