Full Days

1 Oct

Life is feeling a touch like a blur today. After getting back from the lake on Sunday, I left Monday morning for Chapel Hill and my first meeting as a part of IV’s regional leadership team. Three thought-filled days later, I’m home again and trying to get lots done before heading out the door.

Tonight U2 plays in our own college town of Charlottesville and we’ll be there with the rest of the crazies. Dawn should be home any minute now as we’re hoping to beat the traffic, pick some apples, and catch a good dinner before finding some hidden parking and catching the show. I’m not completely sure what to expect but my guess is we’ll be very glad we went.

Tomorrow morning when we wake up we’re headed to Nags Head for a long weekend to celebrate with my little cousin Jennifer as she gets married on the beach. Not certain where we will wake up tomorrow morning, probably depends on traffic getting out of CVille and how tired/wired we are. Richmond seems like a decent guess as of now though I think we’re secretly hoping we could make it all the way home. That would put us at the beach earlier the next day!

Next week is a full week of campus visits before a weekend trip to the mountains with Dawn’s family:) Tough life, I know. Supposedly things slow down after that…


One Response to “Full Days”

  1. ashbarnett October 2, 2009 at 9:46 am #

    Whoa. I can’t handle all the POSTS! 2 in one week!

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