Dawn + U2 + Charlottesville = :)

6 Oct

My favorite books are the ones that I rarely come across that leave me thinking long after I put them down. Seeing U2 in Charlottesville on Thursday had that affect. The show was amazing; I love their music but they are way better live. The fact that it was at Scott Stadium did not hurt.

What I felt while I experienced their show was that they existed as a band for reasons far greater than money and fame. I’m not completely sure I can pinpoint why specifically they exist but my take so far is that they want to radically affect this world.

Thankfully I had purchased a book for Dawn a few Christmases ago about the band which I devoured this weekend. Reading was especially nice because we were in Nags Head celebrating my little cousin’s wedding. Yeah Jenn! Reading the book made me want to think through their lyrics more and more so I was jamming to a handful of their CDs today while driving to and from Richmond to visit one of my staff there.

Now I’m a touch tired and figure it’s time to stop writing. Lots more to think and write about U2; I connected with something in them, an angst to see the world change that was very refreshing. And I realized that I think my wife and Bono have a lot in common in that vein. More soon.


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