Changing seasons

16 Dec

It’s really cold outside. The wind was blowing stuff around outside and I thought it was snow. Sadly it was not. I did notice that it is snowing on this blog, wish I could take credit for that.

November was a busy month that concluded with our annual fall conference in Hampton. Over 200 students were with us for the weekend which we have all agreed was a success. Things have slowed down a touch since that sucker was put in the books.

December has been a big month for working on fundraising. I sent out my year-end letter with hopes of many friends being able to give at this time of year. Two people so far have told me they are coming on as monthly donors in January which is awesome. Final 2009 numbers won’t come out until mid-January but I am praying that with some surprise gifts coming in the next few weeks, the year will end better than expected.

Kobe (our cat) has had some gunk in his eye for the last few days. Dawn finds this particular gunk rather disgusting and is very thankful I am willing to pull it out with the help of one simple toilet paper square. Daily activity.

This weekend we are with my family in the mountains. Next week we have a handful of days in Richmond seeing the rest of the crew. And on the 26th I fly out to warm St. Louis for Urbana #4 for me. I still vividly remember my first trip there when I privately laughed at people who stood one night to commit themselves to full-time Christian vocational work. Irony.


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