20 Dec

Successfully skied yesterday for the first time in my 29 years and had an absolutely blast. I say first time, I tried many years ago but gave up after one run when I ran over a 2-year-old kid at the bottom of the hill. Yesterday I managed quite a few more runs than that including a few good falls and one totally uncontrolled sprint down the “big” hill where I managed to stay upright. Dawn is an excellent teacher and promised that conditions were perfect. She tells me I would be very lucky to ever again enjoy two feet of fresh powder from the day before.

Today it took seven hours to get home but that included an excellent veggie burger at Burger King and an even better veggie sub at Firehouse Subs. I continued to be amazed at how well Dawn and I can entertain each other in the car. Kobe was very happy to see us and is now perched just above Dawn on the couch helping her with her work.

We came home to a strange box on our doorstep. The conference center we use for our fall conference mailed me a very nice box of chocolates as a little thank you. I knew this new role would have a few unexpected perks.

Watching football as we both drift towards sleep. They interviewed one of the players in the pre-game and when asked about what he’d do after retirement (at 35) his answer was “absolutely nothing.” Dawn and I both commented on how strange it is that so many people dream about that. I know often they actually mean “anything I want without having to worry about making money” but saying “absolutely nothing” feels very different. And a touch sad.


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