Urbana highlights

31 Dec

– Realizing I can put a glove on my hand with no help from the other hand. Also glad to know the coat my mom bought me for Urbana03 still takes good care of me.

– Hearing the report last night that 200 people gave their lives to Christ yesterday morning. A small handful were not even conference participants but convention center workers.

– Walking through the bookstore with an eager student and helping her pick out books to dive into upon her return home.

– Many many meals shared with lovely people.

– Last night our leadership track planned a fun reception to allow our students a fun break to enjoy each other away from the deep content of the week. By the end I was sitting alone drinking a chocolate milk while two groups of three students from my area redefined what mission could look like for their chapters. I guess they didn’t need a break.

– Flying home in the morning to be with my beautiful bride and my crazy cat.

– And finally, with accompaning photos, I witnessed my good friend Alex being hit up to autograph his new book. Check out the new small group leaders handbook at bookstores near you. Very glad I was there to document the event.


One Response to “Urbana highlights”

  1. Kelly December 31, 2009 at 3:27 pm #

    I’m so glad to have been privy to that moment through your blog. Thanks, Shane! I guess I ought to get his autograph when he gets home, too. 🙂 Hi to Dawn!

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