Back at it

10 Jan

After being home a solid week, I’m beginning to feel a touch more caught up. Good news for me since the pace picks up from here on out. My boss visits Tuesday then I’m on campus with two of my staff on Wednesday and Thursday. Next week I’m in Chapel Hill for meetings with the regional leadership team that I am now a part of and then the following week I’m leading a team meeting in nearby Virginia Beach for the staff that I supervise.

Dawn has been extra busy this week as she and a friend have been directing our church’s week of hosting homeless guests. This ministry rotates around the Hampton Roads area with churches taking different weeks to open up their buildings and welcome in people who need a place to stay.

I stayed at church a few nights ago for an overnight which I am still processing some. I’d done them before but for some reason this year I was a touch more affected by seeing so many people living such a different life than I have. Around 12:30 after all the guests were asleep and a few of us were up reading, we heard a knock at the door. A police officer had found this sweet couple in their sixties sleeping on a bench and brought them to us and out of the freezing temperatures.

Pretty wild experience and a gift for me to interact with these people who were so thankful for a warm place to stay for the night. I wonder why it is so easy to forget how blessed we are.


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