13 Jan

I hadn’t been to any news sites yet when I started seeing “Praying for Haiti” on everyone’s Facebook status. The pictures on CNN are devastating, hard to imagine so much destruction happening so quickly. Somehow it feels like the rate of large-scale natural disasters seems to be increasing recently. So sad.

Also feels kinda strange to go about the day here. I had a visit planned with one of my staff here locally and went on and had the meeting. I don’t recall even once while there thinking about Haiti. With it all being so far away and since I do not know anyone personally who was there, it can easily become a news story and a prayer but little more.

Not that I’m sure what I should be doing but I know that an entire country full of beautiful people is in shambles right now. Most of me wants nothing to do with that much misery but a strange small part of me wishes that I could share more in the pain of the people there as they are suffering so much.

With the rest of Facebook, “Praying for Haiti.”


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