Welcome to Moe’s!

20 Jan

Dialogue exists about which burrito joint reigns supreme. I’m casting my vote squarely with my friend Moe with the following important three things to note about visiting his lovely establishment.

1. It is essential that you order the queso. I recommend the side size (after that they get as expensive as your burrito) which is usually enough to dip my chips as well as pour a good bit on my burrito. It is important not to add the queso as they are making your burrito; it becomes a mess. Instead, pour a little bit out for each bite as you go.

2. Eat your chips first. Often people save these thinking that the burrito is more important. While I agree with the supremacy of the burrito, I think what Moe offers is an entire experience of which the chips are a key part. They must be eaten first when they are very warm; by the time you finish your burrito, I’d probably just throw whatever is left away.

3. Please opt for the sweet tea. They make an excellent batch which pairs wonderfully with the saltiness of your burrito and chips. As Moe is our friend, it is not a surprise that he offers us all a little-known-combo meal that includes your burrito, one side of queso, and a drink. Almost makes you feel like that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Bonus – Currently the Ghent Moe’s is giving out free washable tattoos that include a rather frightening skull face and a small tag reading “Moe’s”. Get them while they’re hot.


One Response to “Welcome to Moe’s!”

  1. Kristen January 24, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    then the tattoo can be an Awesome gift, later, to someone else who didn’t get to go. Right?

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