Atlantic Coast Conference

22 Jan

After enjoying seeing UNC lose yet again on the same night that my beloved Dukies took one right to the face, I’ve been thinking a bit about the parity that exists in the ACC this year.

1. Duke is of course still the best team in the conference. I expect them to win the regular season title (assuming the Wahoos cool off eventually) and perhaps the conference tournament as well (though I suspect that will be tougher to do). We can enjoy this while it lasts because assuming all of UNC’s lineup doesn’t go pro again, they will be the force next year that people thought they would be this year.

2. Clearly Duke along with everybody else can be beaten on any given night. Hence the word “parity”. I think this creates a spectacular conference where every game is worth watching. We haven’t seen this much recently since the expansion of the league which as any true fan will tell you was a huge mistake. How I miss when each team played home and away against everyone else…

3. As my dad pointed out, nationally the conference will be seen as weak. Without a team or two fighting for the top spot in the polls, they write off the entire conference. I’m not impressed with that stance but can deal with it. I expect good things from the conference come tourney time though I fear that even Duke will not be able to string together the six games needed to hoist another banner. Thankfully they already have their fair share.


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