Giving in to running

2 Feb

It has been said that in order to hold onto goals you make, accountability helps. I am pushing against my own desires not to and running the Shamrock 8k next month. While my wife runs and I like that about her, it has never quite taken with me. I like sports and working out in general but am not really into running. I am, however, beginning to feel like I could be taking better care of myself with a little focused cardio and decided I needed a goal, hence the 8k.

I have been training for about four weeks and two weeks ago felt great; I was thinking about my time instead of just finishing. Then I went on the road for two consecutive weeks of team meetings and my runs Friday and last night felt horrible. Felt like a blog post would be a bit of a reset.

My current working assumption is that my running is most affected by the amount of water I am consuming. In the past it has seemed that the more I drank, the better I ran. When I was running well two weeks ago, I was drinking around two gallons a day and not much else. Gonna need to see if I can get back into that here pretty shortly I think if I am gonna be ready for this sucker.

I think having a goal of a race to complete is really helpful to get me running. I’m generally good at getting to the gym; if Dawn and I are home for a night, one of us will ask the other about going which makes it easier. But once I get there I have so many options, all of which sound better than running. If I can focus on running for just a little while, maybe I can develop a good habit that will stick. And maybe I’ll even learn to like it a little more.


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