You’ve won a new car!

10 Feb

Wouldn’t that be nice. I have finally accepted the fact that I have a very strong attraction to receiving things for free. So when Dawn received a “birthday card” in the mail the other day offering free plane tickets and a $300 Target gift card for sitting through a timeshare spiel, we figured why not.

So after church we dashed down to the oceanfront. Salesman was pretty nice which helped pass the time and we were of course impressed with the program. In the end we told him we simply don’t make major financial decisions this quickly. We also explained that it felt a little too good to be true. You buy this timeshare and then simply trade it for these extravagant trips all over the world to places a touch nicer than Virginia Beach.

We then of course received our gifts on the way out. The tickets are as expected, lots of hoops to jump through but maybe legitimate if we can make it work with our schedules. Might be worth a shot. The Target “gift card” was hilarious. We can sign up for a club (for $13) and then we have to submit receipts to show that we spent $100 each month at participating stores. And each month when we do that, they send us a $20 gift card. This continues until we have received $300 which should take about a year and a half.

I didn’t feel duped because I never really got my hopes up. I felt like I wanted to speak with the timeshare guy and let him know that these promotions are reflecting really badly on their industry. Apparently they have nothing to do with the recruiting and gifts; they hire that all out to another company. But it leaves a bad taste in your mouth that matches the general feeling that timeshares never work out quite like they are supposed to. You can’t trade your week or get where you want to go or whatever the problem happens to be.

(Insert helpful transitional sentence or paragraph here.)

In conclusion, the question of the day is actually not about timeshares but instead why am I so into free things yet so “busy” that I often neglect to take the time to receive what God has to offer me if I would slow down and listen?


One Response to “You’ve won a new car!”

  1. wolfshadesblog February 19, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    Yes. It’s interesting after a while when you get these free offers just to try and figure out what the catch is. With those time-sharing trips, you kind of know you’re going to be subjected to some major heavy-duty sales pitches, and so you’re prepared for that. But that “gift card” thing got me laughing. Hilarous!

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