Bad book title?

11 Feb

Can I say that? We are talking about a classic here. A few days ago I finished Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. I remember my buddy Jason Brooks reading him back in the day but I am not great at reading classics so it took me a while to get to this one.

Major props considering it is a classic; it’s fairly easy to read. I would say it is written around a tenth grade reading level though sometimes the story jumps are a challenge. If you have never heard of the bombing of Dresden, a little background will help. Vonnegut was there and one of the few survivors. His experience led to him writing this book.

I see it often referred to as an anti-war book as it may be. I found it more of a great way to use humor and storytelling to help readers to think and question and consider war certainly but more so how we live. Vonnegut uses an experience on another planet for his main character Billy Pilgrim as a quiet yet very interesting look at life on earth.

Recommended specifically as an oddly-written book that makes you think and is pretty easy to get through. Title is challenging for me. I get it and you will two after you read 85% of the book. But it is not appealing, it does not sell for me. I do think it was carefully chosen and speaks volumes when considered with the book. Maybe that was his point? Interesting…


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