Fun –> Tired

15 Jul

Exhibit A – Last night I played a set and a half of tennis with Mr. Ray Robb. We’re a good match for each other though I wish I had his consistency at the baseline and his second serve that always messes with me. I’ve missed playing tennis and am glad to get back into it a little bit this year, hoping to play more soon. I played in high school for a few years then a bit in college but since then not much. When I woke up this morning, I found out there are muscles involved in tennis that I am not hitting at the gym somehow. A touch sore.

Exhibit B – Dawn and I had both noticed a tree growing a bit too close to our house and I’ve had it in mind to go after it. Well, today was the day. What I thought would be alot of axe swinging ended up being a simple hand saw but that sucker came down. And with a little more weight behind it than I expected. My guess is it was about twenty feet tall, now all chopped up and waiting by the road. Thankfully I did get to use the axe when it came to slicing it up into smaller pieces. And yes, of course my neighbor Clyde helped. He always does.


One Response to “Fun –> Tired”

  1. Andrew E. Givens July 16, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    i feel ya on the tennis, well got back into running 🙂

    well done on that tree, it didn’t stand a chance

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