Running again

17 Jul

I decided that I would really like to enjoy running. I do not as of yet but it is a hope. Dawn and I did the Shamrock 8k this spring which was alot of fun and also left me whipped and ready for a break from running afterwards. Recently we decided to tackle the Wicked 10k coming up this Halloween (if only for the promised trip to Krispy Kreme afterwards) and so I’m hoping to get back in running shape.

I wasn’t really ready for the Shamrock and while I enjoyed finishing, the last mile or so was rough. I’m hoping to be much more prepared this time so I can enjoy it a touch more. Ran 3 miles at the gym last night which felt good as I wasn’t sure how far I’d be able to go. Hoping I can keep it up and slowly increase my mileage. We shall see.

Running seems to affect me positively in both physical and mental ways. There is no question that I feel better when I’m running regularly which usually leads to thinking (and hopefully behaving) better. I still hope to like it at some point. For now I’ll have to be happy liking the results.


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