Juice, not wine

11 Aug

Sunday at church really two cute kids in front of us had quite a time playing with their parents’ empty communion cups. First they asked their parents if it was wine or juice (our church uses both) and once assured that it was juice (which the children had a strong preference for) they quickly shoved their tongues to the bottom of the cup to get the little taste that was left. Hilarious to watch them squirming around enjoying a drop or two of juice.

Significant from a theological perspective I think. Communion is an opportunity to receive God’s grace in a tangible way that I actually am really drawn to. I did not grow up going to church much and once I started in college, communion was a rare event. At our church we celebrate it each Sunday and I find it probably my favorite part of the service.

As I watched these kids reaching for the last drops of their parents’ juice, I began thinking about the ways that real love can flow through parents to their children. Quite an opportunity, one that was exemplified to me not by a great sermon but my two rascals in front of me that made Sunday morning pretty perfect.


One Response to “Juice, not wine”

  1. ashbarnett August 11, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    How encouraging.

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