Panera, my friend, the trickster

12 Aug

Though recently less than usual, I still frequent Panera. A few days ago we (Dawn, myself, and Kobe) discussed how amazing it is that Panera gives off the strong vibe of being healthy. No french fries, no combo meals (Pick2 doesn’t count), no cheeseburgers. But healthy? Really?

Put it this way, you have to try really hard at Panera to eat well. If you are like me at all, that bakery counter calls your name before you get through the front door. It doesn’t matter if it has “cherry” or “carrot walnut” in the name; everything in it is basically white flour and sugar. Now I happen to love that combination but those two are not the building blocks of a solid nutritional diet.

I will continue to go to Panera. I will try to eat healthy. Whole grain breads, salads, that’s about it for this pescatarian. I will also continue to order the occasional cinnamon crunch bagel or the four cheese souffle. I will not, however, be tricked into thinking it’s healthy because it’s the “Panera Bread Company” and not my old stomping grounds.


2 Responses to “Panera, my friend, the trickster”

  1. Andrew E. Givens August 12, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    I hear they have water, that’s healthy


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    […] Panera. Not nearly as many booths as the store back home. I gotta spread out and get comfy for my health food. 4. Does anyone wear watches anymore? I got one for Christmas and have enjoyed knowing the time […]

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