Zac Brown Band

13 Aug

Last night’s concert down in Virginia Beach featuring the Zac Brown Band was unique. A relatively new band who have had a few hits that I really liked, plus tickets were cheap so we went for it. Excellent dinner at Jason’s Deli on the way and traffic was surprisingly light. We arrived during the second opening act and I would say the place was pretty full when darkness took over and Zac Brown took the stage.

Lawn chairs in place and clouds threatening from above, the band put on quite a show. They also somehow managed to keep the rain away. Hearing a band play live is always fun but I was really impressed with the lead singer’s vocals and especially his guitar skills. All in the midst of a pretty chill atmosphere that was perfect as it cooled down a little bit with a gentle breeze now and again.

Their hits (Chicken Fried, Free, Highway 20 Ride) sounded great and were exactly what I was hoping to hear. New favorite song off the current album is now Different Kind of Fine. It’s playing as I write. Another great surprise song that I imagine was better in concert than on an iPod was entitled Sic’ Em On A Chicken. First we thought it was an intro to Chicken Fried but it ended up being a hilarious song that kinda felt like a cross between a bluegrass hit and a kid’s song, all about chasing and eating a chicken. Even I can appreciate that.

Great night to hang out with good friends and enjoy a great show. Both Dawn and I mentioned thinking our dads would have like it, just that kinda show. And a great start to the weekend!


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