Content lacking

4 Nov

The last few days I have almost blogged. I wanted to. I came to the site and pulled up a new post page and then stopped. I really do not have anything to say. I want my blog to be significant, to have substance and yet everything I think to write I rule out for one reason or another.

The whole idea of providing content rubs me the wrong way. I think about giving a talk or writing a book and it feels so counter-intuitive to me. My mind rarely organizes thoughts like that. What I get excited about is responding to thoughts of someone else. Helping them clarify. Challenging.

I have been meeting with most of my staff over the course of the last ten days. I make short lists of things to talk with them about and we usually cover everything we need to. But the reality is it is way more fun and way more helpful for me to show up and see what is going on with them that day. I serve people best by not bringing an agenda and being able to respond to where they are.

I met with one staff who was working on a track for our conference. They told me what they were thinking and then we kinda picked it apart. Reorganized a few pieces, added a new idea. Twenty minutes later the track looked solid, I wanted to sign up for it myself. And it is not like it was not good before, it really was. But now it is better and I think the students in that track will love the weekend a little bit more. I live for stuff like that, helping to make things a little better.

Anyone remember that BASF commercial from back in the 80s? We do not make alot of the products you buy; we make alot of the products you buy better. That is what I do. That is my gifting. My professional life at this point is developing campus staff workers. And my team is good. Really good. My job is to make them a little better.

So I keep showing up with a few talking points but really not much. I know that whatever they are thinking about is what they should be thinking about. Like I said, they are really good. I get to show them how to think about things a little bit differently. I ask alot of questions. I probe. My goal is to help them clarify what they are thinking, what they want to get across, what they want to see happen.

And then I do it again the next day. And I like it. Alot. More than I thought I would. Now if I could just learn to blog life would be complete.


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