I wore a Star Wars tablecloth and a Yoda pin

6 Nov

So much of life is about how you run the race. I want to run it well, I really do. I probably spend way too much freakin’ time thinking about how to live better, how to love better, how to be better. Most days I just need to get out there and do it.

Point being, sometimes I take too far the idea of doing things well. I love improvement and efficiency. I love long-term change. I am very comfortable developing people that I know will be developing for the rest of their lives.

And so sometimes it is nice when the goal is just to finish. This past Saturday Dawn and I took on the Wicked 10k down at the oceanfront. Now there are two important facts to remember; Dawn is a runner and I am not.

She used to knock out 10 miles just for fun on Saturdays in college. I used to visit Wendy’s twice a day. To me running is still not fun. Most of that is because it is not easy. It is hard. I am not good at it. And unfortunately, while I started training very well early this summer, that did not last in these final few months preceding the race.

And so it was tough. Really tough. I felt leg spasms coming on for the last half mile of the race that eventually got me after I crossed the finish line. Four days later I tried running and did not make it to a half mile.

Thankfully on race day I was entertained by amazing costumes. The winner for me were the two guys who did the Monty Python skit for the entire 6.2 miles. The lead guy galloped and the little guy behind him banged his two coconut halves together. Sound of the horse the lead guy was riding.

But I finished. I did not walk a single step. I have a cute little medal that is now proudly hanging in my garage. Yes, it took a little over an hour. But it is done and I liked not having to think about what I was doing. I just had to run which honestly was a nice break.


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