Religion, sex, and politics

12 Nov

Certainly you must have interest in at least one of the above. Gotcha to click the link, that is what is known as step one.

Today begins conference weekend for me which means over 200 students gathered together making a ton of noise and being challenged in their understanding of God and his kingdom. My staff team will be running a handful of tracks for students to spend the weekend going through; I am slated to give a talk on economic injustice.

Tough talk even to write. So far I am going away from a topical/information talk on the subject and towards a conversation about how trapping money can be. Thankfully there seem to be plenty of Scripture passages to pull from on this one. It seems that economic injustice exists in large part because so many have bought into the lie that money brings true happiness. Of course it is far easier to argue this point as one who has generally not lacked for money for my thirty years on this here globe.

The thought that brought on the title of this post was how challenging money is to talk about, especially within a Christian context. Speaking to college students about it actually feels much easier than in lots of other circles. Wonder why.


One Response to “Religion, sex, and politics”

  1. Steve Clarke November 12, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    As Americans we love money and the things it provides us, either in purchase, status, influence, or any other thing that makes us feel better about ourselves. In that sense money is very much an idol for most Americans. As Christians we’re taught to reject a love of money, precisely because it replaces the love we should have toward God. And so although we are often desirous of getting more money and secretly proud of our successes toward that end, we pretend among Christians that we are not this way because we want to look like money isn’t our idol. And instead of lying about it not being our idol, we just try to ignore the subject or feign humility and charity when it comes up.

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