It’s all brand new

9 Jun

Or at least it feels that way. One month from today we make the move to Durham and for the first time in my life I will not be an official resident of Virginia. I’m pretty good with that.

Dawn is going after an MBA from Duke with a focus on social entrepreneurship. My wife is awesome. And I’m betting big money on anything she wants to do when she wraps up this degree.

Me, I’m excited about a new town. New restaurants, new parks, new libraries. Same old Kroger. New neighbors for my cat to hide from. And new people to get to know with new ideas to mull over. Guessing that Durham will be as much a learning experience for me as it is for Dawn. Her learning will look a heck of a lot better on paper.

What makes me sad is leaving friends. I’m amazed as I think about the people we have gotten to know so well in the 757 over these past seven years. We love them. They keep us sane. We hope to hold onto them as we “visit” Durham for two short years.

And now I’m officially tired. But I made it to almost midnight so I get to wish a very happy birthday to my dad. He’s already been asleep for many hours but likely will be up pretty soon. And George, when you do wake up, I hope you’ll make a new list and start all over again. Almost 60 ain’t that old.


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