12 Feb

1. You know you’re going somewhere when the treadmill reads five miles and you keep going. Quit at six. After downing two bottles of water, I did what any self-respecting wanna-be runner would do. I treated myself to Bojangles.

2. Our pastor spoke this morning about how desperately people in our generation want to be the ultimate authority over their lives and how this actually doesn’t lead to true freedom. Yes and yes.

3. Finally figured out why I don’t work well at the Durham Panera. Not nearly as many booths as the store back home. I gotta spread out and get comfy for my health food.

4. Does anyone wear watches anymore? I got one for Christmas and have enjoyed knowing the time without pulling out my cell phone for the first time in ten years.

5. First week in over a month that I haven’t seen a Duke basketball game live at Cameron. Slight withdrawal. Thankfully the memory of Wednesday night’s game more than makes up for it. A good week to be a Duke fan on Tobacco Road.


One Response to “Five”

  1. Kristen February 13, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

    Nice… have to comment on the things I agree with here– I got a watch for Christmas (to replace the knock-off from China that broke at rockbridge) and feel like people get me more “present” though I do glance at it, there’s no connection to other people with that look!
    I forgot to tell you Tyler signed up for an entire marathon… Chicago, October…
    What do you mean I won’t have true freedom with control over my life!?!?

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